Our commitment to a Professional Installation

Our commitment to a Professional Installation

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Our commitment to a professional installation

shine Systems recognise that any type of installation can cause a certain amount of disruption. Whether it is a single pc, a digital print/copy device, CCTV, telephone or full network system. We always aim to minimize the impact of any installation on your business and where possible can arrange the installation to be completed out-of-hours or at other times to suit you.

Network installations

For Network (structured) Cabling, we have many years experience installing structured cabling systems that meet or exceed all of the relevant standards. We are proficient in CAT5e/CAT6 and fibre-optic systems. We will always adhere to health and safety regulations and can produce risk assessments and method statements where necessary.

Once the cabling is installed, we can also assist with the design and installation of your network infrastructure including switches, routers, firewalls and any other networking equipment. Our engineers also have many years experience designing secure networks using VLANs and IPSEC/SSL encryption.

Digital print/copy devices

Due to the size and weight of many print/copy devices, careful planning and a full site-survey are essential to ensure that your installation goes without a hitch. We will measure all doors, corridoors and stairs to make sure that the machine will physically fit in the location specified and advise if alternative arrangements will be required.

Where machines are to be installed upstairs, if the machine cannot be safely carried by two people and no lift is available, we can engage the services of professional moving companies. They use stair-walking equipment or in very extreme cases, cranes to ensure that the machine is installed. We can also disassemble the machine and re-assemble in situ although this is not a preferred method as it can take a long period of time to complete.

IP CCTV and IP Telephone installations

While they perform very different duties, IP CCTV and IP Telephone systems have similar requirements. We will first ensure that your network infrastructure is suitable and will not be adversely effected by the addtional load placed on it by running video/phone. Where necessary, we will recommend suitable equipment to replace switches/routers etc.

Where cabling is required, the same attention to detail is ensured as with our full network installations. This is often not necessary for IP phone systems as generally wherever a phone is required, there is already a PC which can be “daisy-chained” from the back of the phone. CCTV cameras are often installed in locations where there is no existing cabling. Where there is a requirement to work at height, we can arrange for platforms, scaffolds etc. Where a fork-lift truck with a cage is available, this can often reduce the installation cost.