Bespoke software development services

Bespoke software development services

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Shine Systems have many years experience developing bespoke software applications, these often take the form of an add-on to an existing package or in some cases we can develop a complete system.

To date, we have developed add-on packages for Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Pegasus Capital Gold and both the Frontrange GoldMine and Heat packages. These have taken many forms but usually it is to either replace existing features or to add new ones. We have also developed complete systems for various industries.

In either case, we will work with the customer to fully understand their requirements and produce a comprehensive proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, all development work will be undertaken by our skilled programmers and will include regular progress updates and demonstrations to ensure that the completed system will meet all of the customers requirements.

We will also work with the customer once the project is complete and can provide any fixes that are required or additions/modifications.