Shine Systems become certified OpenRemote integrators.

on Tuesday, 05 February 2013. Posted in Product Launches

OpenRemote leverages open source technology for home/office/building automation

Shine Systems become certified OpenRemote integrators.

Shine Systems has become one of only a handful of companies in the UK who are certified integrators for the OpenRemote home/office/building automation products.

Automation has no meaning without solving a real problem for the end user, whether climate control, peace of mind, lighting, entertainment, community interaction, or assisted living. To create the perfect solution for your client you and your client want to be free in deciding which are the best ingredients to use. So your choice should not be limited by Brand or protocol.

Value for you

OpenRemote offers this freedom to you, as the platform has been made independent from Brand and protocol. As an installer or distributor you can freely integrate individual devices with different protocols, through one comprehensive solution. It gives you freedom to offer the best solution to your client with limited effort. As an integrator or OEM, OpenRemote is the one interface you need to safeguard, to make your unique products seamlessly work within any bigger eco-system.

How it is done

Within the Controller you can leverage existing protocols, ranging from KNX, AMX, Lutron, X10, 1-wire, EnOcean, Z-wave, and others. The controller translates a generic command to any of these protocols and related devices. As this is all based on an open source model the platform will effectively expand over time and adapt to new trends and standards. If you want to add a protocol or product, we can make it available with a limited one-time effort.

Secondly, the controller runs on Java, and therefore offers you flexibility to choose your own hardware and operating system.

If you are interested in the OpenRemote solutions offered by Shine Systems, please contact us.

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