CryptoLocker malware causing chaos

on Friday, 25 October 2013. Posted in Technical Articles

If you are infected with the CryptoLocker RansomWare, find our how Shine Systems can help you.

Over the last couple of months, a new form of malicious software has surfaced called CryptoLocker. This is "Ransom Ware", the reason for this name is that once your computer becomes infected, it will silently encrypt all of your documents, spreadsheets and various other file formats with a very secure RSA style encryption and once complete will popup a message:



Most people will assume that this is fake and take steps to remove the software as you would with any other malware. Unfortunately it is NOT FAKE and has does EXACTLY what it claims to have done. More worryingly for corporate networks, it will have also encrypted all of these files on any mapped network drives that the user has write access to.


Companies with effective backup policies need not be too concerned as they can simply remove the malware and restore all affected files from their backup. If you don't have a good backup then you are unfortunately left with 2 choices, pay the ransom or lose all of your documents/spreadsheets etc.


This is obviously a "Hobsons Choice" as neither will be particularly palatable and as a computer security professional, I would never recommend paying this kind of "ransom" but if you have explored all other available avenues then it may be your only option


Shine Systems have developed a number of methods that can assist customers in avoiding infection but we can also help in removal of CryptoLocker and other malware, spyware, virus programs that your computer may have been infected with. While we cannot decrypt the encrypted files due to the high level encryption method that has been employed, we can also assist with file recovery in some circumstances where a backup is not available.


If you are infected with CryptoLocker or would like to know more about the methods that Shine Systems can employ to avoid infection, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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